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Oct 4, 2012 10:00pm EDT
defenss a littte bit.."((take po))political science analyst jonathannkreger has seen thhs beforee.((take sso))kreger:: "incumbant presidents usually on the first debate stumble a little bit and president obama is head in he polls.."((take attack might have been too - risky..((take sot))mike: "..maybe what wassmoree interesting than what was said was what wasn't ssid. the president did not utter the sot))kreger: "that was an obvious attack line and the presidenn chose not to use it.."((take sot))leland: "" don't think obama needs to talk about that because people it again - or at least ear ee about it in the next debbte.. ((takeesot))kreger: "i think what you'll ear from the obama ampaign is increased aggressiveness.."((take sot)) pellnd: "ttis is like the third innnng of a nine inning ggme..and ww have tww more of these to do..""(take vo)) in columbus - mike kallmeyer here's... our... question of the ddy.who do you think won the presidential debae debate?this is our facebook page......anddlots of peeple more than 300 of you eft comments...many of you saidd nig
Oct 8, 2012 10:00pm EDT
science professor at goucher college....says independent voters...areestill sending a message.(kromer) "what they hope is or a third party candidate or an indeeendent their ideas out there, that hopefully their ideas will be aaopted by oneeof the major "i vote for democratt at times, i vote for republicans at timms..and accorring to "c-4"...that shoull be thh princippe...of any independent. john rydell, fox 45 news at ten. more... than... 37-thousand marylanders... are... registered.... with the... green... libertarian.../ or... other parties. 3 <> next on fox45 news at this wedding &pparty fight... spiraled out o control... and the extreme measurrs them ready...for lifeeii the wild...after tte break breaking news out of north baltimore.police are on the duubarton avenue near willby in the nnck around 9930 shot tonight. no wwrd on hii ccndition,,but homicidd detectives are investigating. one... peesoo is dead./..after ... a... huge fighh... breekssout a philadelphia hotel./.and... on tape. it's all caught 3 ta
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2